Meet Double Up Ambassador Miroslava

Tell me about when and why you became a Double Up Food Bucks user?

It’s been about two years. I have eight kids, so I joined to have that little extra for the fruit they like, like strawberries and bananas. When my daughter had her Quinceañera, I used all my Double Up money to pay for the fruit and vegetables. I had 12 platters in my cart, and I used Double Up Bucks to pay for them.

Why did you decide to become up Double Up Ambassador?

I met the Double Up Food Bucks Outreach and Engagement manager at the Latinx Technology and Community Center, and she offered me the position. I was already using the program and thought it was great, so I took her up on the opportunity. I can be anywhere and everywhere, and I will be talking to people about Double Up.

What’s a typical week like as an Ambassador?

It depends. Usually, I’ll visit several stores. I’ll talk with the cashiers and the owner first. If I’m going to be at a store signing people up, I’ll set up a table. Sometimes, I’ll sign people up for an hour or two.

How does Double Up Food Bucks help people?

For people who are working and raising kids—a single mother like me—it’s that little extra that they can have, which is wonderful.

What do you enjoy most about this work?

Telling new people about the program. Once I start telling them about my history and how I’ve used it, people say, “Oh my goodness, we didn’t even know this was around.” I’ve had to go back to my car and pull cards out of my trunk to sign people up at random places you would not even think about.

What would you say to someone to encourage them to become an Ambassador?

Double Up is a great organization to work with. Our Outreach and Engagement Manager, the store cashiers and owners are wonderful. Also, the program is just so beneficial on its own. Once they get to know it, they will love it.

Keep an eye out for Michigan-grown and -raised fruits and veggies the next time you Double Up at a participating store or market.

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