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By sharing your support, you're helping make sure Michiganders can use Double Up for years to come.


Since 2009, Michigan families that shop with SNAP have used Double Up Food Bucks to bring home over 30 million pounds of fresh fruits and veggies. When you add the 1,000+ farmers who sell more fresh produce and 250+ farmers markets and grocery stores who participate with Double Up each year, that’s a lot of Michiganders who benefit from the program!

How can you help?

Funding for Double Up Food Bucks comes from a few different places, including the State of Michigan. By sharing your support of the program with your State Legislators, you’re helping make sure Michiganders can keep using Double Up for years to come.

Everyone who lives in Michigan is represented by one State Senator and one State Representative. Type in your personal address to find out who represents you in the State Senate and State House of Representatives.

If you are having trouble finding who represents you, please feel free to email us at or call toll-free 866.586.2796.

Three things to keep in mind

  • Your State Senator or Representative will probably be in a meeting when you call. Make sure to both leave a message and your contact information.
  • Constituents (you) are important to your representatives. State Legislators make time for people back home, so don’t be bashful about asking for a call back or even inviting them to meet you at your local grocery store or nearby café. It’s their job to talk with you directly!
  • Your elected officials want to do a good job and you can help them. Building a friendly relationship with your state Senator and Representative helps everyone — you can let them know when an issue is impacting your closest participating store or farmers market and they know that they can turn to you for advice when they are unsure about an issue. Sharing your thoughts is valuable to them.

Legislator Call Script

We wrote a script to help guide your conversation with state legislators. Download it by clicking the button below!