Double Up Champions: Cashiers

Did you know Double Up is available at over 250+ grocery stores and farmers markets across Michigan? With participating locations spanning the upper and lower peninsulas, we rely on Double Up champions like grocery store staff to help shoppers learn about the program. Their enthusiasm for helping families bring home more healthy food is essential in spreading the word about Double Up.

The Double Up team wanted to drum up excitement and show some love for our grocery store champions, so we came up with the idea for a little “healthy” competition.

In March, we kicked off the first competition in Flint to help boost spending at stores and support cashiers getting the word out about Double Up in their communities. The winners were chosen based on who had the highest number of Double Up dollars spent at their store. And the winning cashiers were… 

Alicia Tyler – Landmark (Pierson)
Viola Boettcher – Landmark (Fenton)
Joann Coronadl – Great Giant

Congratulations Alicia, Viola, and Joann! Double Up works because of champions like YOU. 

After the success of March’s competition, we wanted to give it another shot, but with a twist. In April, participating stores in Flint competed against each other. Cashiers were encouraged to rally as a team to increase Double Up spending at their store. 

After a month of competition, Hutchinson’s Neighborhood Market came out on top with a 66% increase in Double Up spending from March to April. 


We asked our Double Up team grocery store guru, Charles Walker, about Hutchinson’s Neighborhood Market. Here’s what he had to say:

“The new owner has been at this location less than 2 years and has made significant changes to the operations, like an upgraded register system, and moved merchandise around in the store.  The cashiers are knowledgeable about the Double Up program and are friendly to the community which they serve and live in.  Some of the cashiers are long-term employees and committed to that community.“

Congratulations, Hutchinson’s Neighborhood Market, and thank you for helping us get more fresh fruits and veggies to Flint families! 

Stay tuned for the next cashier competitions in Grand Rapids and Detroit later this year, and be sure to support your local Double Up store. 


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