Meet Double Up Champion: House Representative Reggie Miller 

At Double Up Food Bucks, we’re on a mission to make fruits and veggies an accessible, affordable option for Michigan shoppers who use SNAP while also supporting our local farmers and communities. But this work simply wouldn’t be possible without the farmers markets and neighborhood grocery stores, community partners, legislators, and shoppers, at the very heart of our program: Our Double Up Champions.   

House Representative Reggie Miller  Michigan’s 31st House District  Meet Double Up Champion: House Representative Reggie Miller , Michigan’s 31st House District  

Representative Reggie Miller, currently serving in Michigan’s 31st House District, which comprises parts of Lenawee, Monroe, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties. Keep reading to learn more about how Representative Miller supports Double Up as Chair of the House Agriculture Committee and let us know about a Double Up Champion near you!  

What is your favorite fruit or vegetable?  


How do you work with Double Up Food Bucks? 

As Chair of the House Agriculture Committee in Michigan, I’ve worked with the Fair Food Network to help expand Double Up Food Bucks in Michigan.  

How does Double Up Food Bucks help people?  

Double Up Food Bucks helps Michigan residents to afford nutritious food from Michigan farmers. This keeps money in our local economy while ensuring families have access to healthy food at a reasonable price.  

Why do you believe it’s important to support Michigan-grown produce?  

Michigan is home to the second most diverse agriculture community in the country. When this produce is bought from local farmers, it keeps money in the local economy.  

Anything else you’d like to share?  

I’m extremely happy to be a champion for Double Up Food Bucks!   


Thank you, Representative Miller, for advocating to expand federal support for Double Up Food Bucks to help families eat locally grown fruits and veggies while boosting Michigan’s economy!  Watch this video to see Representative Miller’s advocacy in action. Do you know a Double Up Champion in your neighborhood? Tell us about them here!  

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Meet Double Up Champion: House Representative Reggie Miller