Vegan Banana Pudding

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What you’ll need

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Bananas, barely ripe
Vegan vanilla wafers
2 boxes
Instant vanilla pudding
1 box
Chilled coconut whipping cream
2 cans
Non-dairy milk (like almond or soy)
Powdered sugar


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Cooking with Que


1. Chill the Coconut whipping cream and the almond or soy milk overnight (or at least4-6 hours)

2. In a large bowl make your whipping cream. Spoon out the chilled coconut whipping cream, leave the liquid ( you may need it later). Use a hand blender or kitchen aid to whip the whipping cream. If it doesn't get as light and fluffy as you would like, sift in a bit of powdered sugar and if it's too clunky, add some of that left over liquid in the can.

3. Place it in the fridge to chill while you make the pudding Make the pudding (just like the box tells you..., but use dairy free milk)

4. In the glass pan, layer the entire bottom of your dish with vanilla wafers, then add a layer of bananas, then a layer of delicious creme filling.

5. Repeat layering cookies, bananas, and creme filling until you reach the top of your pan.

6. Let it chill for six hours and enjoy.

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