What’s In-Season? Spring/Summer Edition

Dreaming of Summery Michigan-Grown Produce

At Double Up, we believe in big dreams, healthy food, and Michigan-grown produce. 

In Michigan, Double Up helps families who use an EBT/Bridge Card get the healthy food they need to reach their dreams. And by promoting farmers markets and locally-grown produce, Double Up helps support local growers across the state. Plus, we think Michigan-grown produce is just….dreamy! 

Here’s some seasonal, Michigan-grown produce to look out for next time you shop (including a downloadable shopping list!). 


Looking for ideas on what to make with all of these fresh fruits and veggies? We have a few suggestions: 


Whether you’re a kid, a grownup, or somewhere in between, we all have dreams. Double Up Food Bucks helps us get healthy food so we can reach them. 


P.S. We asked a few Michigan kids to tell us about their dreams. Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to hear them first.



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What's In-Season? Spring/Summer Edition

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